Laundry Services

If you run a professional establishment that requires lots of washing and ironing of garments, linen or the like then we can take the worries away.

We provide complete efficient and reliable laundry services at competitive prices. All your items can be collected, laundered and ironed and returned to you ready to use again. All packaging is included in the price you pay.

Along with the Laundry Service, Tri-State offers Dry Cleaning on Specialty Linen. After investing a significant amount of the budget in high quality linens, it is very important to maintain each table cloth, napkin, or runner for longevity. Here at Tri-State, we will treat your linen like our own. We pre-treat stains, wash, starch, iron, and hang your specialty linen making it ready for use. We have a standard fold that cuts setting a table in half.

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Linen Dry Cleaning Price Chart
DescriptionPrice Per Piece
132″ Round
126″ Round
120″ Round
90″ Round
108″ Round
90″ x 156″
90″ x 132″
54″ x 120″
54″ x 114″
72″ x 120″
85″ x 85″
54″ x 54″
Delivery Charge
Prices may vary. All prices are based on quantity.
What sorts of items do we clean?
Table Linens and Napkins
Bed Linens
Bath Towels
Chef Aprons
Shower Curtains
Bath Mats
All Prices are based on quantity.
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We will take care of any stains where necessary and starch any items you require.

Our employees will separate, inspect, treat, and fold your linen for a very low price. And of course, delivery is not a problem! Simply call the office for a pick up and we will have fresh linen back to you within 24 hours.

We also have a Weekly Linen Service available for all of your linen needs.